Our Services

  • Cloud Computing

Have you already started to look at the Cloud for your IT services ?

At FixSing Consulting, we can review your existing infrastructure (on-premises or already in the cloud), design it for optimal performances and security, then assist you and your teams to implement your Cloud strategy.
We can help you starting a Proof-of-Concept, migrating a Test environment to the Cloud, troubleshooting a Production issue in your Private or Public Cloud and much more.

We are vendor-agnostic (Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Amazon Web Services, Google Apps, etc) and will work with you to select the most appropriate vendor for your needs.

  • Programme and Project Management

From small projects to major programmes of work, on-boarding an experimented IT professional can make the difference between a success and a failure.

We can join your teams for a short period of time, or a longer one, to work with you on all kind of IT Projects and Programmes. We have a long experience on Software and Hardware migrations & refreshes, Datacenter implementation, Network implementation, etc. Just drop us a note with your needs, we are likely to be able to guide you there !

  • IT Infrastructure Management

Because Production will always be the most critical role of IT Infrastructure, we can help you assess the state of your infrastructure, then produce recommendations based on industry best practices.

We can review your existing IT systems, provide improvement suggestions, analyze your cost baseline, your monitoring, your security, define a technical roadmap and assist you in the implementation of it.
As we are a technical consulting company, we can also develop various automated solutions for you. From a simple script to a more complex IT application, everything is possible.

  • Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is now mandatory for any organisation. The complexity of an effective DR solution shouldn’t be underestimated.

We can assist you to Design, Implement, Test and Run your DR site. We can be present with your teams and business lines before and during your DR tests, to run them with you, and then assisting you to improve it.

  • Crisis Management

Do you have Crisis Management Plan ready ?

Before it’s too late, feel free to contact us to Prepare, Test and Run your Crisis Management Plan with you.
We have successfully managed multiple real-life IT crisis for major companies, like Fukushima disaster, Taiwan Earthquake, Mumbai terrorist attacks, etc.
We know the difference between a by-the-book scenario and reality.

  • Ad-hoc IT Consulting

On top of all the services mentioned above, you can contact us for an open discussion on any IT requests you may have.

We are flexible on our pricing and availability.