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Screenshot of Tenant diagnostics

Office 365 Diagnostic Tool

25 Nov 15
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Office 365 Diagnostic Tool

Everything you always wanted to know about your Office 365 data centre, geographical location, tenant and your connectivity to it.

This PowerShell script was written to help Office 365 connectivity and performances diagnostics.
The script also try to provide you with more geographical details on your tenant. It’s still an early version / work in progress initiative, and your feedback is welcome.

Download it from here : Office365-checker.ps1

Script features

– Verify if all Office 365 URL’s are bypassed on your Internet proxy (as per MS recommendation, source of URL is
– Provide a detailed traceroute to your Office 365 closest datacenter. This custom traceroute function uses an external configuration file to increase geographical details provided ( configuration file is here : )
– Detect geographical location of your Office 365 tenant and mailbox (based on the same configuration file than above)
– Provide your external public IP and it’s geo-location
– Detect your closest Exchange Online CAS server, its location and average latency


Exchange Online (Office 365) regular account, Windows 8.1 and above + PowerShell 4.0 with Azure modules (run as administrator), MS Sign-On


Office365-checker.ps1 -Action <parameter>

Parameters :

All : Perform all Office 365 tests
Proxy : Verify that Office 365 URL’s are bypassed on proxy
Traceroute : Detailed traceroute to Office 365 closest data center
Tenant : Detect geo-location of your Office 365 tenant and mailbox
Geo : Get your public IP and its location
CAS : Detect and ping your Exchange Online CAS server



Proxy verification and Traceroute from Singapore to Australia Office 365 DC (Click to enlarge)

Screenshot of Traceroute feature

Screenshot of Traceroute feature

Tenant geographical details for a South-East Asia based subscription (Click to enlarge)

Screenshot of Tenant diagnostics

Screenshot of Tenant details

Call for feedback and beta testers

The geographical information used to create the XML configuration file located here were found from my own investigations and research.

If you have more details, or an unknown location detected for your tenant and so on, it will be great if you can send me an email or drop a comment below, for me to improve the script.

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